Monday, 17 August 2009

Eureka: Gravitational, relativity of an evolutionary kind

Euraka, Eureka, Archimedes exclaimed
As he jumped in a bath, for which he is famed
How would he describe, was the problem he faced
No need to describe, the water displaced

I think therefore I am, Descartes once said
And he thought, therefore he was every thought in his head
Every thought, every impulse that entered his brain
Was who he was and kept him sane

Newtons revelations started with an apple
Thoughts in his mind with which he would grapple
They floated around, then dropped to Earth
The theory of gravity had its birth

Survival of the fittest was Darwin's brainchild
How humans evolved from out of the wild
The tadpole, the frog, the monkey, the man
Darwin's foresight an evolutionary plan

All logical thought was once in the dark
It took a genius to help it embark
The genius long gone, it's now common thought
The things they discovered are the things that we're taught

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