Thursday, 21 May 2009

Yangkock sports day

What a day! The day started with a fanfare from an army division in full regalia. This included one troupe that were in a traditional uniform and did this weird dancing that resembled the whirling dervishes of Turkey. A full scale marching band paraded across the sports field throwing their rifles in the air and catching them in sort of little dance routine. I was awakened to the grandiose affair by the fanfare and emerged from my office to be confronted with thousands of parents and kids. The kids were all up one end and when they spotted me they erupted into spontaneous cheering and chanting of my name (it's easy to feel like a rock star over here). I did a little bow and took my place in the first aid tent.

A long speech later by
the principal and a few bows, national anthem and lots of clapping and the games begin.
First event, tiny , cute kids pushing a massive inflatable ball around an obstacle course. An error in planning I was told, had meant that the ball was too big. Consequently, the kids were getting knocked down all over the place. The cutest game of the day involved tiny kids getting pulled around in little metal bathtubs with wheels on one end. Their parents (all on national holiday) pulled them around and obstacle course. One little girl went flying out of the tub and landed on her head. She was pulled around for the remainder of the race in floods of tears. When she finally emerged from the tub, she punched her dad. One of the parents fell and smashed his head open, blood everywhere. This happened much to the amusement of the rest of the crowd who fell around laughing whilst the guy was patched up.Throughout the whole day, one of the kids grandads with no teeth, glazed eyes and a rather large ear ring, staggered around the sports field pissed, reaping mayhem. Nobody seemed to mind and to be fair he was a very happy drunk.

Then came my moment of glory. I was tannoyed onto the sports field and joined in this game involving about a thousand people. It was like Simon says with a rather lively MC jumping around and shouting out a series of instructions with very loud crazy Korean house music in the background. If you lost the game you had to stand in a circle of about 50 people and dance a very sill
y dance. Every now and again one person was summoned into a circle of a thousand people and had to do this dance for about 2 mins whilst everybody laughed and clapped. The most silly dance was the object of the game. Well, bloody hell my turn came. The MC shouts "Mr Andy, do we have a Mr Andy ?". I was cheered into the arena and spent the next 2 mins waving my arms and legs around in a fashion not too dissimilar from Tim Booth from James. Actually, it was my normal dance but the punters loved it anyway. It attracted most attention from the drunk who decided to join me in the circle and hug me. I was rewarded with 2 bars of laundry soap for my efforts.

What a fantastic day!

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