Thursday, 21 May 2009

All things must pass

That once shiny toy now litters the stream
The very same item that once was a dream
Bicycles owner no longer a boy
Is out chasing girls no time for the toy

That coveted job is now such a drag
Five years later and you've acquired a tag
If only you'd taken a different direction
You may not be showing such morbid reflection

Remember that holiday when we had so much fun
We talked all night long about the things that we'd done
These days we argue about the things we don't do
I'd rather watch porn than make love to you

That fantastic movie you watched everyday
It changed your life, you used to say
You watched it last week your mind at a loss
How could you have appreciated such utter dross

That beautiful girl that you pledged your soul
Has long gone and taken it all
She's now in her thirties, married with a kid
Totally oblivious to the harm that she did

Those dreams we had of changing the world
Of opening the oyster to reveal the pearl
The world stole our dreams and washed them away
They lie with the oyster on the bed of the bay

That bontempi organ covered in dust
That Volkswagon Combi now etched in rust
All gentle reminders of who we once were
The days are long gone, the memories a blur

The new born child once once swathed in love
Has departed this earth for the heavens above
All things must pass, this I have learnt
No time to regret those bridges we've burnt

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish I could skate without feeling a fool.
I wish I could do that and still feel cool.
We'd put on our skates and glide through the trees.
Just you and me, and the winter breaze.

I wish I could ski and feel at ease.
We'd put on our skis and take to the piste.
Out on the slopes we'd find our freedom.
The cold winter elements, we wouldn't even feel them.

I wish I could dance to a ballroom beat.
I'd tread with pride and trot on your feet.
Our bodies would merge into a beautiful mass.
And in blissful haste, the hours would pass.

I wish I could do all of these things.
What false hope, wishing brings.
With balance like mine, I wouldn't get far.
So I guess, we'll just have to find our peace in a car.